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Dramatic Soprano, Melody L. Fletcher, is a native of Huntsville, Alabama.  She attended Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL where her training as an Opera/Classical singer was nurtured by her beloved vocal teacher Dr. Richard Armstrong.  It was through Dr. Armstrong that Melody discovered her high notes after years of singing in the alto section of both her middle school and high school choirs.  


Upon graduating from JSU, Melody studied for three years with Dr. Ginger Beazley at Ars Nova School of the Arts.  Through Dr. Beazley, Melody was encouraged to attend the University of Kentucky where she studied for two years with Gail Robinson.  In the summer of 2006, while still in her studies at the University of Kentucky, Melody decided to throw caution to the wind and left UK to move to New York City.  A move she would officially make in 2007 with absolutely no regrets.

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Under the guidance of her voice teacher Lis, Melody has been able to create a richly rewarding life as both an IT Project Manager and an actively performing Professional Opera Singer. 


Through Studio Lis, Melody has performed in numerous concerts and Masterclasses with some of the best vocal coaches, artists, agents, etc. in the industry. With devotion and the drive for excellence, Melody has honed her craft as both an artist and  an emerging Opera Singer. 


Melody is an authentic performer with a powerful middle voice. Melody’s beautiful spirit and vulnerable storytelling captivates her audience as she leads them through a beautiful journey of joy and humor with each performance.  She is definitely one to watch!

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Although exciting, moving to New York City did come with its challenges.  In 2010, after only three years of living in NYC, Melody sacrificed her passion and desire of becoming an Opera Singer, for stability.  Over the next five years of her life, Melody built a very rewarding career as an IT Project Manager in the IT startup world and quit singing altogether.  Although Melody excelled in the life she created and grew to love, it was, however, very far from the vision she set out to create after watching her first Opera on PBS with her grandmother at a very young age.  


At the beginning of 2015, a gift from a very good friend reignited Melody’s passion and lead her to begin working with her current voice teacher, friend, and throat sorcerer Elisabeth Stevens, Soprano, (affectionally known as Lis), at her incomparable Studio Lis Voice.  With Lis’ encouragement, support of friends and family, and a commitment to live with integrity, Melody auditioned for an extensive Opera training program with the International Lyric Academy in Rome, Italy, and was selected to sing the role of Countess Rosina Almaviva from Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro in their Opera Scenes Program.  Studying in Italy reignited Melody’s fire and passion for rebuilding her life and career as an Opera Singer. 

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