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Week 2: Living in Contribution

Heading into the 2nd week for my study in Italy. This has been a very interesting and eye opening experience. I find it amazing how perspectives can be shifted when you remain open to all possibilities.

As some of you are aware, since January, I have been on this journey of discovery through a series of life classes and coachings. It was through this journey I literally and figuratively found my voice again. I became aware that we have a responsibility to each other and more importantly, I have a responsibility to live in complete integrity by having my ACTIONS line up with the WORDS I speak over and for my life.

I post a lot about living in contribution and I can understand, if some may be confused by this. But since I've been in Italy, I have exercised this concept in so many varying ways. Living in contribution has afforded me the opportunity to not only sing from a spirit of abundance, but also offer support to some of the young talent here who may question if they are enough.

My offer to the young talent here was simply, whether you are a person of faith or reason, science cannot prove why some people can sing and others cannot. We are all human, with the same vocal and bodily mechanisms. Yet, science cannot prove why some can sing and others cannot. I offered that with that knowledge alone, they should sing from a spirit of appreciation because they have been blessed with a gift that others do not have. I offered that once they remove comparison and competion, they will no longer sing as if they have something to prove, but sing with freedom and joy. My final offer was to acknowledge they matter and they are just as great and worthy as anyone on a Grand Stage; they should share their gift unapologetically and know there is growth in making mistakes. We learn through our failures, and mistakes don't define the talent, it makes it stronger.

I'm looking forward to my second week here and as I spoke to the young talent here, I am open to this same challenge. I'm open to failure and things not being perfect. I live in a Win/Win world and I understand there's a lesson in everything. ‪#‎BuonViaggioMelody‬ ‪#‎ItalyorBust‬ ‪#‎OperaLife‬ ‪#‎BlackGirlsSing‬‪#‎contribution‬ ‪#‎abundance‬ ‪#‎winwin‬

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